Meet the Midwives


Missy Padgett

Missy Padgett, CPM-TN
(901) 828-8019

Missy has been attending births as a doula since 1996 when she attended an ALACE workshop in Birmingham, Alabama.

She became a CPM in March of 2013, after her apprenticeship of nearly 4 years with Martina and Full Circle Midwifery concluded. She has had Birth Emergency Skills Training, S.T.A.B.L.E. training for Neonatal Education, and Midwifery Assistant training at The Farm.

Missy lives in Hernando, Mississippi with her husband, Clark, and four children: Jacob (born at home in 1995), Beckett (born at home in 1997), Adam (born at home in 2002), And XiXi (born in China in 2003, adopted in 2005). She has completed a liberal arts degree in Biology, Sociology, and Psychology at the University of Mississippi and has found the study both stimulating and appropriate for midwifery work as all three of those subjects come to bear on the birth process.

Missy keeps her CPR and NRP certifications current. She is a member of the TN Midwives Association and serves as Assistant Director for the Mississippi Midwives Alliance (MMA). She is a member of NARM and MANA.




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Martina Benson, CPM-TN, RN  

Martina has moved to Northern Italy with her family for a while and knows you will be in good hands with Missy and the rest of the crew.

She will miss the Memphis/MS Birthing Community greatly, and is sure to come back and continue midwifery here at some point (probably during or after 2018).



Midwives in Training

Toni Hill, DEM, CD, CBE, LLL

Toni is a Mississippi Midwife, seeking the CPM credential through apprenticeship with Full Circle Midwifery. She has her own practice in Tupelo and serves her community as a Doula, Childbirth Educator and Lactation Specialist. Toni is constantly broadening her knowledge through workshops, continuing education opportunities and self-study. She remains current in adult, child, infant and neonatal CPR. Her and her husband of 20+ years, Jimmy, raise and homeschool their four children in Tupelo, MS.

Lanai Fields

Lanai is a Doula and Childbirth Educator. She has been apprenticing under a midwife in Jonesboro since 2013 and additionally joined Full Circle Midwifery in May of 2015. She is an experienced birth assistant and delivers primary care under supervision, including catching babies. Lanai holds an Associates of Arts Degree and maintains certified in adult, child, infant and neonatal CPR Lanai is married and together with her husband raises two children, Azlyn (born in the hospital 2007) and Josiah (born at home 2013). The family lives in Jonesboro, AR.

Elizabeth Jolly

Elizabeth has been working as a doula since 2012 and started her journey to midwifery with Full Circle Midwifery in October of 2015. She serves as a breastfeeding peer counselor, does placenta encapsulation and teaches childbirth classes both privately and in group settings. She has attended Birth Emergency Skills Training and Midwifery Assistant Training. Elizabeth is mother of two home born children: Kai (2012) and Neri (2015) and wife to Philip Jolly.

All the midwives in the Metro Memphis area support each other and take birth call as needed.