The midwives of Full Circle Midwifery believe that pregnancy and birth are natural processes and that all women have a right to a dignified, enriched and satisfying birth experience. Each healthy mother can be able and deserves to birth her baby in the setting she chooses, with positive support, little intervention and guided by experienced attendants. The midwives are dedicated to providing individualized care that results in an outcome that is safe, enriched and satisfying to each family's spiritual and physical needs.

Full Circle Midwifery believes in the safety of homebirth with a skilled and attentive birth team. In 2005 the British Medical Journal published the MANA 2000 study, the first ever large-scale prospective study of the safety of homebirth in North America. This study illustrated that homebirth with a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) is as safe as a low-risk hospital birth. The cesarean section rate for planned homebirths was drastically lower than planned hospital births. Additionally, the rates of interventions were consistently half that of hospitals. Most importantly, there were no fewer babies dying or injured in hospital than at home. The satisfaction of homebirth women vs hospital birth women was significantly higher with 97% of women reporting satisfaction with their homebirths.

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